Sometimes a picture is worth
More than a thousand words.
A moving tribute to chamber music…” - Kurt Muroki

“…the musicians performed in such a compelling manor, the dancers exhibited such imagination and deeply felt connection to the music, that I was for the moment seduced into thinking that it could be done no other way but with music and dance inseparably wedded together.” -Arnold Steinhardt, 'Key of Strawberry'

“[CelloPointe is] unique in that the musicians and dancers perform on stage together, creating an intimate atmosphere and a stirring combination of the traditional and avant-garde.” -Carolyn Arnold, Fairfield University Magazine

“I have had the pleasure of seeing the last three performances of CelloPointe that Marcia produced and directed. She has an innovative style, a creative eye for detail, a superb sense of design for staging, costumes and programming, and an unparalleled skill in arranging music for the ensemble of string instruments. The spring...concert is a much anticipated event by those of us who have found her performances to be as awe-inspiring as they are deeply meaningful, expressive creations."
-Dr Adria Kelleher

“Few things in life have been more inspiring than the privilege of performing the monumental Goldberg Variations by Bach with my wonderful colleagues Steven Tenenbom and Peter Wiley.  That is, until it was brought even more to life in performances with the wonderful artists of CelloPointe.  I am so fortunate and grateful to be part of this great project!”
Ida Kavafian
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Play this video to get further insight into the CelloPointe experience!
Created by the Wiley family, CelloPointe celebrates the merging of chamber music and contemporary ballet with a dedication to creating new works and paying homage to beloved classics.

Words from our fans
Who are we?
Started in 2011 as a simple duet project between father and daughter, CelloPointe has blossomed under the leadership of wife and mother Marcia to become a Manhattan-based music and dance ensemble that tours nationally. Its greatest strength has been the cultivation of talented friendships within their prospective industries with a dedication to merging chamber music and contemporary ballet. Famed colleagues and rising-star students of Grammy-nominated cellist Peter Wiley, pay tribute to chamber music. Manhattan-based freelance dancers join Dona Wiley in gathering the most innovative choreographers that New York City has to offer, often through relationships forged through past projects. Executive Director and trained cellist Marcia Wiley bridges the gap between musicians and dancers, creating cutting-edge programming to highlight the virtuosity of all artists. The result is a tight family of artists, that thrives on collaboration and is committed to bringing a profound experience to CelloPointe’s audience.

What makes us different?
CelloPointe functions on a unique concert structure, never before seen in performing arts programming. Faced with a challenge to equally highlight the talents of both musicians and dancers, Mrs. Wiley created the concert structure that CelloPointe has used since it’s founding in 2011. In a CelloPointe concert, chamber music pieces with musicians alone on stage divide the collaborative musician and dancer pieces. The result is a rich musical experience for the audience, with enough variety of composers, eras, and genres to please the toughest crowd. It draws the focus back from the use of music as a background and pulls it into the foreground with a dual purpose to create a seamless evening for the audience. It is inspired by the classic and simple structure of a true chamber music concert. A CelloPointe concert will fill your senses from start to finish and make you re-evaluate the role of music in dance

A note from Executive Director Marcia Wiley on the CelloPointe experience:

“We are seeing less live music used in dance programming. One of the greatest joys in creating CelloPointe has been to re-invent the use of music in dance as a living art form- it should never be the same. All of the artists in our company need to feel each other, breathe together, and react in the moment. That is what makes CelloPointe a truly unique experience.”

Photo: Sherryl Hauck

Executive Director: Marcia Wiley
Rehearsal Director: Dona Wiley
Ballet Mistress: Kate Loh DeMarco